About Us

Who We Are

Sutton Tennis Academy is an International training centre located in South West London, four miles from Wimbledon. The Academy offers a flexible approach to meet the training and practice requirements of all levels of player, including professional, full-time and junior performance players, as well as beginners. 

Sutton Tennis Academy offers a variety of tennis programmes that can be personalised to suit individual requirements. We provide weekly or annual programmes and welcome anyone who is serious about playing tennis. We often run tournaments and match-play on site for competitive players.
The Academy offers one of the most comprehensive tennis facilities and player support services in Europe, which can be linked with education or language courses.
Sutton Tennis Academy is an LTA-affiliated Performance Centre. The Academy’s superb indoor and outdoor tennis facilities, gyms and combined tennis and education opportunities helped it gain this valued recognition from the LTA. We also offer residential services, for those players under 16.

Our main goal as a PC is to work alongside the LTA to provide the training and structure necessary for all performance players coming through our doors to fulfil their potential. For more information on PC structure click here.

As an PC, we provide the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) programme. For more information on the AASE programme and how to apply click here.