Holiday Camps

If you are looking for ways to keep the children entertained while school is out for the holidays, look no further! Whether you’re a working parent, want some time to yourself or simply want your children to stay busy and active over the holidays, we can meet your needs.

We offer camps for tennis as well as gymnastics, multi-sport and football. For more information, please visit our Holiday Camps website.

Summer Holiday Camps:
Monday 21st July to Friday 22nd August 2014

Teddy Tennis (for 3-4 year olds):
Monday to Friday 9-9.45am
£9 per session
Tennis and Multi-Sport Camps (five years and over)
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (mornings, afternoons or both)
9am-12.30pm: Tennis
12.30-1.30pm: Supervised lunch
1.30-5pm: Multi-sports (hockey, basketball, netball, football, dance, cricket and more!)
Cost: £20 for half-day or £30 for full-day.
Book for the whole week, in any camp, and receive a 10 per cent discount!

Performance Training Camps
The aim of these camps is to improve and develop skills already learnt at each players' individual club and to take advantage of Sutton's highly qualified coaches, using basket drills and matchplay. While both sesions will relate to the theme of the day, the morning sessions will focus on basket drills and the afternoon sessions will consist of point-based/tactical cooperative drills. The daily fitness session will also relate.

Monday: 80% building the point, 20% finishing the point
Tuesday: 80% finishing the point, 20% building the point
Wednesday: 80% building the point, 20% staying in the point
Thursday: 80% turning the point around, 20% starting the point
Friday: Tournament Day/Match Play
The days will be structured as followed:
10am-12pm: Tennis session
12-1pm: Lunch break
1-3pm: Tennis session
3-4pm: Fitness session
Head coach: Josh Carter

Performance camps will take place on outdoor clay courts or indoor acrylic. You must have a minimum rating of 9.2 to participate.
Costs are as follows:
Non-member: £80 per day or £375 per week
Member: £60 per day or £275 per week
STA player (must play a minimum of two sessions per week at the Academy): £22.50 for half day, £45 for full day or £200 for week

Sutton Tennis Academy will soon be running weekend camps for performance-level junior players.

To sign up, please visit our Holiday Camps website.

For more information, please contact reception on 020 8641 6611 or email