Athlete Services

Sutton Tennis Academy offers a range of services to support our players’ individual requirements and to help them to fulfil their potential. These services include physiotherapy, sports psychology, player and athlete support, nutritional advice, personal training, UK and US university preparation, player/parent advice and a travelling coach service.

International Coaches
Sutton Tennis Academy has several coaches with international playing and coaching experience. We believe that this broad base of experience gives our players the best possible expertise to help develop their tennis. 

Sports Injury Clinic
Our on-site Sports Injury Clinic can assist players with injury prevention strategies and can provide immediate treatment and advice in the event of injuries or concerns.

Sports Medicine
Players have access to an experienced Sports Doctor for problem diagnosis and guidance. Players can also visit a specialist Sports Medicine Clinic to help avoid/solve performance-related problems (including nutrition guidelines). For our gudelines and more information about Sports Medicine please call 020 8641 6611.

Psychological Support
All tennis coaches are able to provide rudimentary advice relating to the mental side of the game; however, should players require more personal attention, we provide access to specialist tennis sport psychologists.

Head of Sports Psychology Lerissa Graham:
Lerissa is one of our coaches and on-site sport psychologist. After completing her BSc (Hons) in Psychology with Science of Sport and Exercise, Lerissa went on to attain her MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Brunel University. She is now in the final stage of her training with the British Psychological Society to become a fully Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist.

Her interest in sport psychology was initially sparked through her own experience of playing tennis as a young tennis player. Lerissa is also a qualified Level 3 tennis coach and therefore understands the demands placed upon both the player and coach from a personal perspective.
Aside from tennis players, Lerissa has worked with national and international level athletes, coaches, parents and support staff in a variety of performance contexts, including athletics, performing arts, golf, Premier League football, cricket, snowboarding and table tennis. Lerissa and her psychology team also offer tailored programmes to sports clubs, academies, governing bodies and schools, ranging from one-off educational workshops to more regular support and education provisions.

Lerissa is available for private consultation and individual sessions. Please visit our sport psychology website or email Lerissa at 

Personal Training
Fitness is becoming an increasingly important part of tennis today. As a result, Sutton Tennis Academy uses specialist full-time strength and conditioning coaches to assist our players with achieving the optimum balance between speed, stamina and strength.

As well as fully-equipped fitness suites - including a specialist strength and conditioning gym - Sutton Tennis Academy has exterior training areas for specific agility and cardiovascular training.

Our specialist fitness trainers also offer additional individual sessions for players wanting to work on specific areas of their fitness.

Sports Performance Training
Our strength and conditioning coaches are dedicated to helping our players excel at their sport by maximising their physical capabilities. As our trainers are experienced in sports-specific fitness, their skills can be applied to all sports. They can help athletes improve in a number of key areas including core strength, speed and agility, power, plyometrics, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, physical testing and individual programming.

The ability to play tennis at the top international level has become increasingly dependent on a player’s physical conditioning. We strive for excellence within the field of Tennis Strength and Conditioning, resulting in the development of physically capable, durable and educated athletes of all ages and standards. This is achieved by developing not only the physical performance components of tennis but also the physical literacy of all age groups to ensure a sound base for performance enhancement and injury prevention.

We cater for all needs for players aged six to adults, from mini reds to world-ranked players.
This is enhanced by an interdisciplinary approach engaging not only the strength and conditioning team but also our on-site physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists and coaches to ensure correct programming for squads and individuals.

Services Delivered:
• Physical testing/ screenings
• Full muscular/skeletal screening in association with Sutton Sports Physio
• Individual and squad training sessions
• Individual programming
• Corrective exercise/injury prevention programmes
• Tournament training schedules
• Goal setting and planning
• Sports massage
• Physiotherapy


UK & US University Preparation
Sutton Tennis Academy aims to assist all tennis players along their tennis playing pathway, supporting their tennis and educational needs with the view to help them go to an American or British University. We have extensive knowledge of the American Collegiate System and the complex eligibility requirements as we work in partnership with Europe’s largest recruiting agency, College Prospects of America, to help you complete the application procedures.

Travelling Coach Service
Our travelling coach service is available for both existing Academy players and external players. Coaches from the Academy can accompany individuals or groups to tournaments in order to give tactical advice and feedback on match play.

Prices on application.

Contact Information
If you are interested in any of the above please contact us at