The Pro Shop

Our Pro shop is managed by Francois Laffont. Francois has been working in the tennis industry for 25 years. He is a fully licenced Level 5 tennis coach (the highest qualification in the UK). Francois endeavours to provide the best advice to improve your tennis skills. 

Through our Pro Shop, you will have access to unique expertise and advice for all categories of STA players.

Tennis Services at our Pro Shop:

  • Re-stringing tennis and squash rackets (we have a range of strings available including Babolat, Head and Wilson.
  • Customise the tennis racket (balance/weight)
  • Replace the bottom of the racket and the grommet (plastic protection)
  • Grip and over-grip

For the opening times please contact 020 8641 6611

If the shop is closed at any time please contact reception. Please email