STA Apprenticeships 2016-17

What is it?
A one year long coaching Apprenticeship Scheme with Sutton Tennis Academy from September 2016.
A 50:50 split of paid: voluntary work.
Who should apply? 
The commitment from the Apprentice will depend on what they want out of the scheme, and how much time they can realistically commit – flexible.
Full-time commitment.
Part-time – looking to coach, alongside school or college.
Low-time – currently involved in education and a training programme, but looking to ‘put foot in the door’ for coaching experience and get recognition for it.
What's in it for the apprentice? 
Opportunity to gain full-time employment from September 2017.
LTA coaching Level 1 or 2 paid for.
Receive an official mentor.
An amount of paid work.
Access to further qualification through training provider (E.g. Ucoach).
A holistic apprentice scheme gaining experience in a variety of areas.
Experience in:
- Performance Programme.
- Disability Programme.
- Adult Programme.
- Club participation.
- Strength and conditioning.
- Sports Psychology.
Candidates will be at the head of the que for future jobs.
Unique kit to the ‘STA Apprentice Scheme’.
Upon completion – ‘A Certificate of completion on the STA Apprentice Scheme’.
£500 signing on fee (includes Tennis Leaders course, LTA coaching level 1 or 2, STA App Sch kit, one-on-one mentor time, admin time).
Hourly rate of pay TBC based on age and individual qualifications.
How to apply
Please fill out our application form here and attach it to the form below.